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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) ProLiant servers are an industry-leading solution enabling you to increase your business efficiency and performance and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). 

The broad portfolio allows you to pick the optimal option for your specific business size and computing workloads. 

These HP servers are fully optimized for the IT environment of modern organizations, combining operational reliability, efficiency, and flexible expansion and configuration flexibility. 

Find below an overview of NetSource’s range of HPE ProLiant servers. 

The HPE ProLiant Families

HPE Proliant servers are available in 3  families: 

HPE ProLiant Microserver

Compact and affordable, HPE ProLiant MicroServer is an ideal solution for on-premise and hybrid cloud workloads for small office applications. The compact design eliminates the need for a server room while enabling vertical and horizontal deployment anywhere in your working space.

The latest Pentium and Intel Xeon processors guarantee over 50% higher computing performance plus lower noise levels and energy bills. HPE Rapid Setup feature makes server deployment a snap, offering over 32% faster installation and configuration. 

HPE ProLiant DL

The DL family of HPE is a rack-optimized server series offering multiple options, versatile design, and improved energy efficiencies for lower TCO. 

Incorporating AMD EPYC processors, newer DL models provide 33% greater memory capacity for better VM performance, 14% more cores for greater VM density, and 9% memory speed improvement. 

VM(virtual machine) density denotes the number of virtual machines running on a single physical server or host. Higher VM density means more effectiveness and cost-efficiency. 

These HP servers also incorporate HPE InfoSight, which:

  • Automatically resolves over 85% of infrastructure issues
  • Guarantees 99.999% availability
  • Lowers storage operational costs by 79%

HPE OneView provides a software-defined approach to compute, storage, and networking infrastructure management. This helps bolster IT collaboration, eliminate manual complex processes, and speed up IT service delivery.  

HPE ProLiant DL Server portfolio includes:

  • DL20 Gen10
  • DL160 Gen10
  • DL180 Gen10
  • DL325 Gen10
  • DL380 Gen10
  • DL385 Gen10
  • DL 580 Gen10

HPE ProLiant ML

With industry-leading innovations and powerful management tools, the ML family of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Servers is an excellent choice for remote offices and growing businesses. 

These powerful and affordable tower servers can run both on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions, delivering enterprise-level performance, reliability, and security. 

 They incorporate the HPE iLO Silicon Root of Trust that helps safeguard against firmware attacks, contain previously undetected firmware or malware, and expedite server recovery following an attack. 

Redundant power supply capability maximizes the server’s availability while Intel Xeon Scalable Processors deliver over a 61% increase in performance. 

Enhanced expansion capability enables you to upgrade your ML server with graphic cards, networking cards, and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) controllers. This helps increase staff productivity and accelerate service delivery as your business grows. 

HPE ProLiant ML family includes:

  • ML 30
  • ML 110
  • ML 350

Additional Features

Along with the features discussed earlier, the HPE ProLiant server offers the following optimization and security  innovations:

  • Workload matching: This standard feature for HPE servers matches server resources to workload requirements to eliminate trial and error and maximize performance.
  • Server configuration lock: It enhances HPE’s 360-degree security overview by creating a digital fingerprint of server configuration. It prevents booting should the system detect unauthorized configuration tampering or change. 
  • Security dashboard: It’s a single interface that displays the overall status of server security and security features (including server configuration lock). It also allows you to manage security alerts and settings. 
  • One button Secure Erase: It quickens the removal of passwords, configuration settings, and data when you’re retiring or repurposing your HPE ProLiant server. 

NetSource is an established independent provider of HPE servers, including the HPE Proliant server. If you cannot find your ideal HP server model(s) in our catalog, feel free to click on the button below for immediate assistance. We will be more than happy to help you stay at the top of your game with our broad range of IT services and solutions.

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