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NetSource is a leading E-Waste service provider. We offer complete peace-of-mind e-collection service for all your end-of-life IT assets from personal financial information to highly confidential health records, the information on business servers, desktops and laptops includes sensitive and proprietary data.

Electronic Waste Recycling Singapore

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Electronic recycling is a growing buzz worldwide. Each year, Singapore alone produces approximately 60,000 tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste). You can expect the figure to boom soon, with growing spending power and expedited technology advancements.

Reducing the amount of electronic waste in landfills benefits the environment (and our health). 

But the truth is, managing worn-out equipment is not the easiest of endeavours for Singapore-based businesses. For most, choosing between reselling, discarding, and recycling is a stubborn dilemma. And while it’s tempting to take the seemingly most effortless path, storing unused electronics will only devour valuable space and money. 

NetSource can help!

Setting Standards for E-Waste Recycling

Recycling is an excellent choice for electronics without resale value. NetSource comes in here with electronic waste recycling services covering many end-of-life (EOL) electronics, including:

  • Computers
  • PC monitors
  • Hard drives
  • Networking equipment
  • Computer peripherals
  • Medical devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Cameras
  • Refrigerators
  • Circuit boards, and
  • More

Our electronic waste recycling Singapore service helps ensure environmental and legislative compliance- efficiently and cost-effectively. You partner with experts who believe in transforming old technology into treasure responsibly, legally — and without exportation. You no longer lose revenues and usable space to surplus IT equipment storage. And your EOL technology won’t go up in smoke..

We boast the equipment, workforce, and experience to handle every aspect of e-waste recycling per NEA (National Environmental Agency) standards and guidelines. Our experts collect your e-waste at your location and deliver it to an NEA-licensed recycling facility with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Secure Data Sanitisation

It’s understandable to worry about your data security when thinking about e-waste recycling. You’re concerned that personal and confidential data— online banking, online purchases, customer data, employee data, medical records, and so on—hidden in your old electronics might fall into the wrong hands.

Here’s the good news:

You can now enjoy more peace of mind because NetSource isn’t just your trusted e-waste manager but also your data security partner. Our proprietary electronic waste recycling solution incorporates secure data destruction that renders your data irretrievable even with the most advanced systems.

By eliminating the data security concern, we allow businesses to become part of responsible EOL electronics recycling, giving devices a positive afterlife rather than an eternity in a landfill. In the end:

  • You minimise e-clutter in your home or office
  • Environments become safer, and
  • Manufacturers lower costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using recycled components and materials.

For these benefits to be realised, a certified and experienced e-waste recycling service provider will suffice, and in Singapore, that means NetSource. Call us today at 65-6742-1287 for e-waste management solutions that outperform national and local standards.

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Electronic Waste Disposal Singapore

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We may not overcome planned obsolescence for electronic goods, but Singapore residents and businesses can control the destiny of their end-of-life electronics. That means rethinking our approach to electronic waste disposal.

You don't want your company to indirectly contribute to the problem of diminishing landfill space, toxic waste leaching into groundwater, and tonnes of e-waste being illegally shipped to developing nations. But again, large-scale electronic waste management is a huge workload. NetSource, a leading e-waste service provider, can help.

NetSource works with a network of environmental partners to provide fast and efficient disposal services for Singapore businesses and institutions. Go ahead and harness our experience to set up an electronic waste management program customised to your unique challenges.

Any E-Waste, Anywhere in Singapore

At NetSource, we provide responsible disposal programs for various office and industrial electronics– both large and small. That includes:

  • Computers
  • Small electronics (phones, digital cameras, and tablets)
  • Networking devices (servers, switches, routers, firewalls, etc.)
  • Computer monitors
  • Printers
  • Circuit boards
  • Batteries

We serve businesses and institutions across Singapore. Our staff are fully trained, licensed and equipped with the advanced tools and vehicles to collect and dispose of unwanted electrical items securely and safely. Our services comply with National Environment Agency (NEA) guidelines, meaning you enjoy the highest service quality and safety.

Electronic Waste Disposal Process

Our typical e-waste disposal process encompasses:

  • Scheduling: When you call us, we schedule a convenient time to pick up electronic waste from your facility.
  • Collection: We send trained technicians to gather your electronic waste promptly and efficiently.
  • Dismantling: Electronics are disintegrated to sort out what can be recycled, refurbished, and scrapped.
  • Data sanitisation: We care about your data. This stage renders any data held in your electronic unusable and unrecoverable by any means.
  • Certificate: Your company receives a certificate of disposal that proves your compliance with federal requirements for electronic waste disposal.

Do you need help discarding old and unused electronics in the safest manner possible? Feel free to click the button below to schedule our quality yet affordable e-waste disposal Singapore services. We'll be happy to help you declutter your workspace and better the environment.

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